Nora Aramburu, an Experienced Researcher from UPV/EHU-POLYMAT (Spain), is carrying out a secondment at Georgia Institute of Technology (US). For the next few months, Nora will investigate the characterization of the phase behaviour and the electric and ionic conductivities of PLA/CNT and PBSA/CNT bionanocomposites, and PLA/PBSA bioblends containing different ionic liquids. Good luck, Nora!

Nearly three years and one pandemic later, Dr. Melissa Moya, an Experienced Researcher from UCIMED,  was back to UPV/EHU-POLYMAT in May. Besides carrying some lab work, Melissa took the opportunity to plan the research lines and activities of upcoming UCIMED secondees at POLYMAT. We hope you enjoyed your stay, Melissa!

Following his visit in 2019, Roque Minari, an Experienced Researcher from CONICET-Universidad del Litoral (Argentina), was back to UPV/EHU-POLYMAT (Spain) in May. Our project coordinator David Mecerreyes and him have been colloborating for years now, and they currently cosupervise the work of IONBIKE secondee Ana Aguzin. Roque´s secondment has been useful to perform some lab […]

As the end of his secondment approaches, IONBIKE secondee Matias Picchio, an experienced researcher from CONICET – Universidad de Santa Fe, was invited to deliver a lecture within the POLYMAT seminar series 2021/2022. The title of Matias´talk was “Natual deep eutectic solvents as emerging low-cost electrolytes for seigning ionic soft materials”. Thanks for sharing your […]

Busy secondment times at UPV/EHU 🙂 Ana Aguzin (pictured left) , an ESR from CONICET-Universidad del Litoral (Argentina) has recently joined the Innovative Polymers Group of David Mecerreyes at POLYMAT (Spain). Her colleague Matias Picchio (pictured right), who is slowly moving towards the end of his secondment, welcomed her at this side of the Atlantic […]

UPV/EHU is delighted to welcome Gonzalo Cagnetta as one of the first IONBIKE secondees of 2022. Gonzalo, an ESR from CONICET-Universidad de Rio Cuarto (Argentina) will be spending 6 months under the supervision of David Mecerreyes at POLYMAT (Spain). His research activity will focus on the synthesis and characterisation of conjugated polymers for application in […]

Almost one year after her arrival in Spain, Antonela Gallastegui (pictured right), an experienced researcher at POLYMAT, travelled back to Argentina recently to carry out a secondment at CONICET-Universidad de Rio Cuarto, where she was once an Early Stage Researcher. Antonela keeps working in the synthesis of iongels based on biocompatible ionic liquids, and during […]

University of The Basque Country is delighted to have Isabel del Agua, an Experienced Researcher from PANAXIUM (France), back at the POLYMAT premises. This is the third time Isabel visits San Sebastián within the IONBIKE project. She´s working towards the synthesis of fluorinated polymers used in photolitography processes for the fabrication of bioelectronic devices. Come […]

We´re coming to the last days of a short (but sweet) secondment by Naroa López (right), an Early Stage Researcher from POLYMAT (Spain), at Panaxium (France), where she´s been exploring the processability and applications of some of the materials she had developed. Good news is that this is not the end of Naroa and Panaxium´s […]

Xabier Lopez de Pariza, an Early Stage Researcher from POLYMAT-University of the Basque Country (Spain), travelled all the way to UCIMED (Costa Rica) for a one-month stay in August. This secondment emerged from Erick Cordero´s stay in San Sebastian, where new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer were identified. As part of his stay in […]