Georgios Nikifiridis, an early stage researcher from KAUST (Saudi Arabia), is currently at POLYMAT-University of the Basque Country. During four weeks, Georgios will explore new pathways for the synthesis of iongels precursos. We hope you enjoy the experience, Georgios!

Emma Antonio Cuello, an early stage researcher from CONICET-Universidad de Río Cuarto (Argentina, is currently at POLYMAT (Spain). During a three-month secondment and under the supervision of Dr. David Mecerreyes, Emma will gain knowledge on the pathways to synthetise innovative iongels. Enjoy your stay, Emma!

Antonella Gallastegui and Daniela Minudri are researchers from CONICET-Universidad de Río Cuarto (Argentina). Thanks to the IONBIKE RISE project they will be spending seven months at POLYMAT, where they will gain expertise on the development of iongels precursos. We wish Antonella and Daniela a happy stayin San Sebastian and fruitful collaborations within the Innovative Polymers […]

Ana Sonzogni, an early stage researcher from CONICET-Universidad del Litoral (Argentina), is spending six months at POLYMAT-University of the Basque Country (Spain). Under the supervision of our project coordinator Dr. David Mecerreyes, Ana is gaining expertise for the synthesis, characterisation and processing of innovative iongels for bioelectronics. Enjoy your stay in San Sebastian, Ana!

Dr. Davic Mecerreyes is delighted to have Leire Meabe and Esther Udabe back at POLYMAT. These two early stage researchers have spent the last three months at DEAKIN (Australia), where they have gained very useful expertise for the completion of their PhD studies. Good luck!

Juan José Torres, a researcher from CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto (Argentina), will be spending the next few months at POLYMAT, where he will work in the development of new bio(iongels). We wish Juan José a fruitful and collaborative stay in beautiful San Sebastian!