Gisela Luque, an Experienced Researcher from CONICET-Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Argentina), and Isabel del Agua, an Experienced Researcher from PANAXIUM (France), have become good collaborators during their secondments at the University of the Basque Country (Spain). Pity this fruitful period will only last one month!!!

The Royal Society of Chemistry has recently published a new book titled Redox Polymers for Energy and Nanomedicine, whose editors are Nerea Casado and the IONBIKE project coordinator David Meverreyes. With contributions from global experts, this book will be of great interest to professionals working in various fields such as polymer science, electrochemistry, energy research and nanomedicine. The book includes three chapter contributions by IONBIKE project partners UPV/EHU, UCAM and KAUST. Well done everyone! For more details:

With the second year landmark approaching, on October 29-30th all IONBIKE partners and a REA representative will gather virtually for the project’s Midterm Meeting. At this online meeting, we will review the progess made to date and discuss our plans for the upcoming months. Fingers crossed for a successful encounter!